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We are a full service architectural firm specializing in making your vision for you or your company’s future a reality. You can put your trust in us for:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Physical Site Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Virtual Space Planning & Integrations
  • Commercial Alterations & Tenant Improvements
  • Commercial Shell Buildings in Retail, Business, Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Multi-Family
  • Residential Redevelopment
  • Institutional
  • Consulting
  • Expert Code Analysis
  • Structural Analysis

…AND, much more. It starts with the relationship we build with you…

Ketterhagen Architechture Services

Feasibility Studies / Physical Site & Space Planning

Don’t have enough space for your current facility? Need to expand? Want your staff to have more elbow room? Leave it to us! Tell us what you are looking for. Where is your company or your family headed? We can show you how to get there and help plan for the facility you need.

New Commercial Buildings in Retail, Business, Offices, Manufacturing, Industrial and Institutional

It’s human nature to want to create, and to us there is nothing better than being able to help you create your new building. It doesn’t matter the size or the activity. We will walk with you from the beginning to end. Except, here is where we set ourselves apart from the ‘others.’ We don’t want to wait until you have already decided budgets, or the where’s, how’s and what’s. We don’t want to wait for you to ask who and when. Most firms do. Ask us how we know. We want to help you from the very, very beginning. That is why we love to be part of your feasibility studies and planning. We want to be your educator on the process. Your guide on the trail.
Most times Architects are called when expectations are already becoming solidified, along with budgets and timelines. Don’t get us wrong, we have no problem with answering that call. We can and do often. However, it is a much smoother process when we are your tour guides. We want to be your partner in the thought process. Either way, it starts with the relationship, and we keep our eyes focused on the details.

Renovations, Alterations and Additions

You already have the building or home, and you cannot see yourself in any other location. But something needs to be done about those walls, or that kitchen, or you need to open the space up! How about adding a second floor? Can you add more offices? What if you can grow your bottom line by adding another line to your manufacturing plant? You have the land, you like where you are, so why not expand? That is where we come in. We can help you answer any or all those questions. We also take the approach of educating along the way.

Residential – Multi-Family, 1-2 Family Custom, Residential Redevelopment

There is no doubt that home matters to us most. We know because this is where we are grounded, too. Whether your goal is to rent, own, develop, rehabilitate distressed properties for future owners or all the above, we are the firm for you. Our staff and on-call strategic partners love the work we do when it comes to residential because we always have our focus on the end user. We will not cut corners to make a buck. We only work with those that have the highest integrity and want to “do it right.” We strive every day, with every project, to do better.

Cutting through the red tape.

We know that you are the expert in what matters most to you. Our guess is, you are not an expert at being stuck in the bureaucratic processes of permitting, government approvals, codes and regulations that will bog you down. Let us handle that. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Consulting and Analysis

We have been called in on numerous occasions to investigate older structures or provide a “second opinion” on the newer ones. While we do not try to step into the processes involved, we do analyze the results. And we take this seriously. Code interpretation, structural analysis, witness testimony, building inspections and other non-traditional building analyses are in our wheelhouse. We aren’t afraid to crawl around and get dirty, either. We have the credentials and the knowledge to be the professional in your corner if you are facing a situation that requires a remedy. You may ask why we do this. It is because it helps us to continue to learn about our profession, past & current practices and how to improve on our company’s own best practices.

Ketterhagen Architechture Services
Ketterhagen Architecture Services

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